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PROWESS-ERP handles all aspects of organization (Finance, Inventory, Production, Quality Control, MRP I & II, Sales and purchase, distribution, Machine / Operator monitoring OR utilization, Excise, Personal & Payroll) Sometimes it may not be possible to implement such extensive software in one stroke, but one can start with the basic essential modules and at the later date, when required can upgrade the system by building the upper layers or implement independent modules of their choice. This ensures the continuous growth of the system in place along with your business. PROWESS-ERP is highly parameterized hence most of the requirements of your organization are satisfied however it can be customized to any extent considering all the peculiarities of your business, it means system adapts to your practices and not you.
  • The Data entry screen is designed to suit your needs
  • Data security has been fully taken care of by means of passwords, access control level wise
  • Quick pop up views of client and business summary information
  • Password protection, audit trails and MUCH more!
  • Year 2000 compliant. Includes date-selection calendar or you can type in the date!
  • Supports Inventory Movement and Transfer Between Locations and Warehouses
  • Supports Multiple Warehouses
  • Supports Three Way Matching - Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Supplier Invoices
  • Provides Standard Report for On Hand Inventory
  • Support shipping one client and billing another
  • Profitability report by Supplier / product category. (Gross Profit)
  • Integrated with swipe cards for integration with payroll
  • Provide Transaction Audit Trails
  • Provision for email directly from the ERP system.
  • Provision to attached files / drawings with any item, master, document.
Additional Features
  • Authentication: Each and
    every Module Function can be authenticated and then executed as per organization's rules.
  • Live Stock Transfer: The stock can be transferred while on Production Floor through this tool.
  • n-Tire Architecture Application
  • Year Ending Process: Create a Back Up of all data on annual basis.
    What's Behind?
  • Expertise in implementing
    large applications.
  • Ability to execute large mission critical
    applications in time and within budget.
  • Ability to ramp up manpower based on
    project needs.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.

    Markets Covered




    Additional Features