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Prowess ERP Deployment & Implementation

Prowess ERP Implementation is a project by itself as it requires a good amount of planning team work. The details of the Project Planning and Implementation are mentioned below.
Below is the Implementation plan Switch to Prowess ERP. We also follow a methodology which has been very effective based on our Experience

Awareness is the a vital phase in the Prowess ERP Deployment. With Proper Awareness Program, the success of Prowess ERP Implementation can be really effected the awareness Program.
Our Goal for creating a Awareness Program is
To achieve the above Goals, we use following mode of Communications with predefined tools and process.
Training is the most important part of the Implementation process. Once the user is trained properly then the effectiveness of the Prowess ERP usage is assured from the user. The following are the our Training materials and offerings.
The above training offerings are designed to get a User completely familiar with Prowess ERP Systems and also to keep them up to date with fast changing Pace of Prowess ERP Suite. The Following are the type of the trainings offered.

The SOW for Prowess ERP Deployment and Implementation is series of activities which is sequential and parallel till the Sign-Off of the Project.  The following is the plan of Implementation for the above Phases.

  • Pre-Deployment Activities
  • Start-up & Initial Configuration
  • Awareness
  • Training

Pre-Deployment Activities (3 Days)

  • Pre-Requisites Readiness
  • User Location Identification
  • Corporate E-Policy Check
  • Understanding of the Scope between IT Team of the Client &INNOVATIVE
  • Project Date Finalization

Start-up & Initial Configuration (3 Days)

The start-up and Initial Configuration is Prowess ERP Account Start-up Activities which takes has to be ready before the Switchover Process. The Process requires the following activities.

  • User Provision
    • Upload Users
    • Create Groups
    • Apply Access Structure to Groups
    • User Profiling

Awareness (1 Week)

Awareness is a joint activity carried out by Client and INNOVATIVE. The Posters and other Merchandise can be distributed to the end users to create the awareness.

  • Posters of Prowess ERP Benefits and Features
  • Prowess ERPMugs/ T-Shirts / Pens distribution * (If considered as part of the Project)
  • Videos Explaining the Benefits of Prowess ERP

Training (1 – 2 weeks)

Training is carried out based on the No. Of Users and type of users for an average of 1 week to 2 weeks.
Training is done for following type of users

System Admin Training (3 Hours)

  • Prowess ERP Control Panel
  • User Management
  • Key Configurations
  • User Management
  • Security Configurations
  • Policy Management
  • Archiving Administration

For the Successful Role out, it’s important to have the planning done right, a part of the planning is the prerequisites for the Project.

Sr. No Description Remarks


Project Manager

We need a focal point who would should be from a technical background and has understanding of ERP, mail system , Outlook Client etc.


Internet Connection for the Users

All the End User who would be using the Prowess ERP Email System needs to have a Internet Access as Prowess ERP is Cloud Based Solution.

Responsibility Matrix
Below are the Role and Responsibilities during the implementation of the Project
Sr. No Responsibility INNOVATIVE Customer
1 Project Manager / Project Leader
2 Domain Access Details  
3 Prerequisites of Project  
5 Account Creation / User Provisioning Test  
6 Internal User Announcement
7 Training & Awareness
8 End User Client Configuration  

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