1. Purchase Order Management
2. Supplier and Vendor Management
3. GRN (Goods Receipt Note)
4. Store Management
5. Reports
The Purchase Order Management System by Prowess ERP System tracks your Purchases and acts as a powerful guidance system while making Supplier Choices and also analyzes the Rating of the Suppliers.
The Purchase Order Management in integrated seamlessly into your entire business model and allows you to keep a close watch on unnecessary spending.
Manual System Prowess ERP System
Manual / Excel Tracking
The Prowess ERP System’s Purchase Order Management  will allow you to insert or auto-populate details from Master database like PO No, Project Name, Client Ref No, PO Date, Item No, Item Description, Qty, Rate, Unit, Unit Rate, Amount, Delivery Date, Work Order Number, Engineer Assigned to execute the PO, Free Supply Details, Sub-Items, Payment Terms and many more.
It will also Accurately track Reserve Stock and Active Stock
Manual / Excel Supplier Tracking
Successfully manages Master Database System of Purchases, Suppliers and Clients –  A Powerful Guidance System
Manual / Excel Supplier
Performance Rating
Updated and Full Proof Supplier Performance Ratings
Manual / Excel Quotations Tracking
Automated last 20 Quotations / Pricing -   Tracking of Products given by Supplier
Manual / Excel Purchase Order Management
100% Automated all Functions of Purchase Order Management
Manual / Excel prone to Misuse
and Manipulations
100% Safe. Every single entry is Audited and Tracked for every user across all Functions
Manual / Excel Reports - Delay in getting accurate details
All Purchase Reports and Bills are generated by Prowess ERP System in less than 60 seconds.
Manual / Excel - Customization is tedious and prone to mistakes
Prowess ERP System - 100% FREE Customization as per your company's Purchase Order Procedures.

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