1. Purchase Order Management
2. Supplier and Vendor Management
3. GRN (Goods Receipt Note)
4. Store Management
5. Reports
The Prowess ERP System is designed to simplify your relationship with your Suppliers by enhancing the system with auto checks on Supplier category and the products they supply.
It is interconnected with Purchase Order Management and performs all relevant functions related to Supplier and Vendor Management.
Manual System Prowess ERP System
Manual / Excel Tracking The Prowess ERP System’s Supplier and Vendor Management  will allow you to insert or auto-populate details from Master database like Supplier Details, Credit allocation, Registration details, Excise Details, Contact Info, plus the Supplier Order Format gives you instant access to Supplier Info regarding the products sold, the discount offered, and Lead time for speedy delivery in less than 60 seconds.
It also Accurately tracks Suppliers Orders and Schedules
Manual / Excel Supplier Tracking Successfully manages Master Database System 
of Purchases, Suppliers, Vendors and Clients – 
A Powerful Guidance System
Manual / Excel Supplier Performance Rating Updated and Fool Proof Supplier Performance Ratings
Manual / Excel Quotations Tracking Automated last 20 Quotations / Pricing Tracking of Products given by Supplier 
Manual / Excel Supplier and Vendor Management  100% Automated all Functions of Supplier and Vendor Management 
Manual / Excel prone to Misuse and Manipulations 100% Safe. Every single entry is Audited and Tracked for every user across all Functions
* * * Manual / Excel Reports - Delay in getting shipments of goods ordered on time All Delays are highlighted by Warning “Auto Pop-ups” before due date. 
Manual / Excel - Customization is based on manual feedback of employees and not actual complete data Prowess ERP System - 100% FREE Customization as per your company's Supplier and Vendor Management Plus Transparent “Supplier-Organization” Relationship.

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