1. Purchase Order Management
2. Supplier and Vendor Management
3. GRN (Goods Receipt Note)
4. Store Management
5. Reports
The Prowess ERP System will generate all kinds of Reports as per the needs of the business. The critical aspect of business is accurate data with several options to evaluate various situations simultaneously.

Detailed Reports Generated by Prowess ERP System (Less than 60 seconds!!!)

1) Master Details: Detailed Reports of Items, Clients and Suppliers
2) Client PO Master: Detailed Execution Report, Financial Report, Analysis of Delay Reason
3) BOM: Detailed Master BOM and Item wise BOM Reports
4) Purchase Order: Detailed Reports of PO Order, Pending PO, PO Follow Up, PO Follow in Excel Format, Reports from Reserve Stock, PO Mail Details, General Items, Bill Pass and Equipment List
5) GRN: Detailed Reports of Normal GRN, Rejected GRN, Inward Challan, Invoice
6) Quality Control: Detailed Reports of QC Details, Rejection Memo, Purchase Rejection Memo, Challan Rejection Memo, Rejection after Issue, QC Details Work Order Wise
7) Issue Details: Detailed Reports of Issue, Cancel Issue, Return to Store, Stock Transfer
8) Free Supply: Detailed Reports of GRN Details, Free Return Details, Issue, Cancel Issue, Return to Store, Stock Transfer, QC Details, QC Rejection, Rejection after Issue
9) Stock Details: Detailed Reports of Stock, Work Wise Stock, Work in Progress Stock, Stock Register, Stock Transaction, Live Stock Transfer
10) Deleted Details: Detailed Reports of Purchase Order, Normal GRN, Purchase Return, Inward Challan, Free Supply GRN
11) Challan Annexure: Detailed Reports of Revised Challan Annexure IV, Pending Challan
12) MIS Reports: Detailed Graphical Reports of PO Analysis, GRN Analysis like Normal GRN, Purchase GRN, Challan GRN, Cost Sheet Analysis, Sales Analysis
13) Excise Reports: Detailed Reports of Excise
14) User Reports: Detailed Reports of User Status and Audit of User Data Login
15) Invoice Reports: Detailed Reports of Invoice and Rejected Invoice
16) Gate Pass Details and Missing List Details

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