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Commandos is Shooting Game and released in By. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is first series. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines have two modes. Single and Multiplayer. Now I am Tell you in few lines about this Game. I hope when you play then lot of fun по этой ссылке feel.

Each Character has a powers and fighting skills. In this game you shots enemies. Enemies are German soldiers. So you alert like enemies. This is short lines versioj game.

One reason is /14042.txt am tell you game System Requirements. Because you are able to run this game. Two Types of System Requirements are given fu,l. How To Download Game? More important question is how to download game for my website? You can download this game in only three steps. Need Help? If you Face any Problem in Downloading or Ror. Leave a Comment below every Post. Click Here To Download Oc. Share this article :. Post a comment Link Comments can’t publish :.

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– Commando 1 game free download full version for pc


One reason is I am tell you game System Requirements. Because you are able to run this game. Two Types of System Requirements are given below. How To Download Game? More important question is how to download game for my website? You can download this game in only three steps. Need Help? If you Face any Problem in Downloading or Installation.

Leave a Comment below every Post. If you want to enjoy one of the most entertaining, dynamic and complete titles of all times once again, download Commandos as soon as possible.

Windows Games War Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Commandos is a real-time strategy game that ended up being a complete revolution due to its well designed graphics and the playability it had to offer Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:.

This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor. The demo allows you to play the first two missions of the game. Antony Peel. You then need to use a combination of spy, Green Beret and sniper to clear a path so that the driver can reach the truck. It’s then just a matter of gunning down any guards and reinforcements that are left so the sapper can set the bombs.

If you’ve run out of bombs, you can use the oil truck to shoot the fuel tanker just as it passes between the two north-eastern oil rigs – this will destroy them both. Once you’re done, escape to the west. This mission requires the spy to kill the guards around the Green Beret’s and sniper’s hideouts so that they can escape. Once they’re free, it’s just a case of carefully killing all the guards and freeing the hostage.

There is no real strategy, except to be quiet and reach the escape truck. Use the Green Beret to climb up the dock wall and kill the four guards, then swim your marine up to the main entrance and wait for the supply boat to open the gate.

Once you’re through, kill the guard by the cannon and open the gate. Get all your men into the boat and move them to the main entrance, then use the marine’s scuba gear. The marine gets out of the boat but everyone else stays in. Use the marine to kill the two guards on the small pier just north of the entrance, and at the same time use the sniper he can shoot from the boat to kill the guard on the south-western point of the main dock.

The rest of the guards are quite tricky, but you can use any remaining sniper bullets and the beartrap to kill them. As soon as you can, get your marine into the sub and blow up the large boat with the sub’s torpedo. The alarm then goes off, so use your sapper to blow up the fuel tanks quickly. You can use the large cannon on the southern dock to destroy any patrol boats. This should secure your escape. Once again, there is no real easy strategy to this mission – just be as quiet as you can.

The decoy combined with the beartrap makes an effective weapon, and the marine is also useful for sneaking out of the water and killing the guards on the beach.

The Green Beret can climb on to the central mound and sneak up behind some of the guards, and the sniper can shoot from the boat, although you need to save some bullets for the guards on top of the cannons. The mission becomes easier as soon as you have control of the tank. All you need to do then is use the barrels and your bombs to destroy the guns. Avoiding the five-man patrol, you need to work your way up to the tall building in the north-west where the spy’s uniform is.

Once you have the uniform, get your sniper onto the flat area on the roof. From here you can kill the General in the garden below. The alarm then goes off and you need to get into a few gunfights to reach the enemy HQ on the east side. As soon as you have reached the HQ, move a car in front of the HQ and shoot the engine from a distance. You may find it helpful to kill the patrol that is guarding your escape truck before you blow up the HQ.

The key to completing the first part of this mission is to study the timing of the five-man patrol – you have to be patient, as their patrol is quite long. Try not to set off the alarm at the start of this mission, and save one sniper bullet for the end of the mission. Work your way down to the spy’s uniform on the other side of the railway. Once you have it, use your spy to kill as many guards as possible without setting off the alarm. As soon as you can, move your sniper down the east side of the river bank until you have a clear shot at the detonator on the east side of the bridge.

Next, move your spy behind the enemy sapper on the west side of the bridge, and swim your diver next to the small island in the middle of the river under the bridge. You need to kill the enemy sappers simultaneously, so start by killing the two on the centre island with the diver, then use the spy to kill the west-side sapper, and as the east-side sapper approaches his detonator, shoot him with the sniper before he reaches it.

You can then escape in the truck. Use the spy to go through the enemy camp and open the bridge. Then use the spy and the Green Beret to clear the area just above the bridge. Use gunshots to lure guards over to your position and use the rocks as cover – try not to get too close to the camp as you will set off the alarm. Move your men next to the crane outside the camp and then close the bridge to block off any guards.

Next, use the spy to open the taps on the oil tanks. When no one is looking, shoot the oil – it will ignite and block off any reinforcements. Before you release the prisoners you may want to clear the top area.

To do this, use your diver to swim to the top-right area and work his way left; you could also use the spy to distract some guards to make the diver’s job easier. You can then release the prisoners and escape. Start the mission by shooting off a couple of rounds to lure the guards over. The alarm goes off, but only a few guards come over.

Clear out the area above – you can use your pistols to a certain extent, but don’t fire near the enemy barracks by the train tracks. You can, however, fire near the smaller barracks close to your original position as there are only a few men in it. Use the diver to transport the driver to the other side of the river.

You need to kill some guards on the top island to get the boat. Next, move both diver and driver down to the tank in the corner. Once you have possession of the tank you can take out as many guards as necessary in order for your diver to ferry the sapper over to the bottom island and collect the explosives. Once you have them you can blow up the bridge and escape in the truck.

You need to work your way down to the small bay in the bottom-left of the top area. This is best achieved by moving in an anticlockwise direction from where you started the mission. Place a decoy over an open beartrap to lure in and kill guards in areas where they will not be spotted. You may find it helpful to blow up the enemy barracks in the top-left corner – this will, however, make your mission more difficult. Save at least two bullets for the dogs in the lower sections, and another two bullets for the gunners on the river banks.

You need to clear the lower-left area of the map before moving upstream to the bay next to the rail tracks. Once you have crossed the tracks, use your last sniper bullet to kill the dog in the kennel, then climb the wall with the Green Beret so he can flick the conveyor belt switch.

The conveyor belt will now have changed direction, so the rest of your team can use it to get into the base.

Use the barrels and your bombs to blow up the missiles and, if you wish, to blow up the enemy barracks to stop enemy reinforcements. Use the Green Beret to scale the wall to his north and kill as many guards as necessary so that you can crawl along the outer wall without being seen. Make sure you kill the guard on top of the enemy HQ. Crawl along the outer wall killing the guards on the way.

Once you reach the east side of the wall, kill the guard above the underwater gate and the patrolling guard just north of there. You can then use the sniper to kill some of the guards on the topmost wall, but save one bullet for the man on the large cannon.

Climb the Green Beret down the ladder into the shooting range and open the underwater gate. Move your diver into the shooting range and lure as many guards as possible. Once you’ve cleared that area, take out the guards on the southern exit and clear the area to the left. You can then kill the guards on the western exit and gain access to the spy’s uniform. Use the spy and the Green Beret to clear the eastern area to gain access to the tank.

Remember to use the sniper to take out the man on the cannon. Use the tank to destroy the missiles, enemy barracks and as many guards as you can. This should make it easier for the sapper to reach the enemy HQ and blow it up.

You can then escape in the tank. Commandos Behind Enemy Lines is one of those games that is ignored by many, but loved by a few. This is a truly amazing game and when it was released in the late 90s, it was a game I spent a great deal of time with. For some reason, it has been kind of lost to time and it is a title that not many people talk about, well I am here today to try and showcase just why you need to play this game. Commandos Behind Enemy Lines tells the story in a very interesting way.

First of all, you get a bit of backstory about the events of World War II and then you get a briefing on the particular mission, what you have to do, an idea of how to do it and so on. It is done in a really cool way and makes great use of black and white to really get that World War II presentation over. The game looks great, each mission has its own look and I like the way the game has a more 2D sprite look than forcing crappy 3D polygons like many games of this era would do.

Talking about the gameplay is kind of hard. If you look up this game online, most of the time it will be referred to as a real time strategy game, but I would not pigeonhole this game just into that category. It has action and it also has a lot of puzzle-solving. This may sound strange, but I would kind of compare it to a game like The Lost Vikings as each of the commandos you are in charge of has their own set of abilities.

The marine can use boats, swim, and has a harpoon gun. The green beret can climb up things, hide bodies, and lure enemies. The driver can operate vehicles such as tanks and also use turrets. This is just an example of the commandos in Commandos Behind Enemy Lines you have at your disposal and moving them in the right position and making them make the most of their abilities is how you get through the game.

You have six commandos and depending on the mission at hand, you will have access to a certain group of them at any one time. There are 20 missions in the game and each one gives you an objective and a way to get out once you are done. Most of the time the missions are about either saving a hostage or blowing something up.

There are different types of enemies and even though this game is over 20 years old, the AI is pretty smart. If they see a dead body they will react, if you fire off your gun, they will react.

So, there is a real emphasis on thinking before you act. I loved my time with this game and I have played through it a few times over the years. The thing is for most people this will be a one and done kind of game. You play through it once and then that is enough. I freaking love Commandos Behind Enemy Lines! It is a great game and a game that has its own style and the way it mixes strategy with action and puzzle-solving is very clever.

It is a game that is just a great deal of fun to play from start to end. I get that some people may see this as a game with not much replay value. However, even in that case, I feel that this is a game that is worth playing through at least once!


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