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League of Legends Ranked Flex Explained. Follow the best guide for this here ยป.


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The Hottest LoL Champions out there. If you are lazy, you can copy the options from the picture above.

If you wish to stream your games, make sure your internet can deliver the bitrate needed to stream, as bitrate around Mbps upload is the minimum suggested. If you’re looking for an even simpler alternative and you have an Nvidia GPU that’s supported, ShadowPlay is also an option. The great thing about this Mod is that you don’t have to plan ahead. Uber cool, this Mod is insane! Do you realized what you’ve done? You’ve created the most anticipated Minecraft mod of all time.

What’s the Replay Mod? How did you get into my house?! The highlights section under your profile is where you can view, rename, and delete the highlights you recorded with the LoL client. When you have locked the camera on a specific champion, you will notice that the marks on the timeline for their kills will become a tad bit brighter, while the other landmarks on the screen will fade in the background.

By default, the highlights will be captured in p. However, there are in-game options that will allow you to choose the video quality you would like to record the highlights in. You can easily adjust these settings in-game while watching the Replay video or before you start to record a League of Legends highlight.

Now, you can have all those epic plays on video and share them with your friends. Just another huge League of Legends fan and a technology geek. I’ve recently got my Master’s degree in Computer Science, so now I finally have enough free time to play League.

I’ve been playing the game for nine years now, and my highest rank was Master LP – Season I was also ranked 3 on LeBlanc in Season Since I have very high knowledge about League, my goal is to help my fellow Summoners, which is the main reason why I founded LeagueFeed. LeagueFeed is a free resource website for all League of Legends fans worldwide! Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Please note I have not been given any free products or services from these companies in exchange for reviewing their products. Record your game, replay your kills, and analyze your deaths to master your playing skills. It’s the perfect replay app for any gamer, on any game.

With just a simple keystroke, you can replay the last moments of your game. This is more than just a kill cam or death recap, it’s a powerful tool for rewinding events in any game. View your keyboard and mouse commands, seeing exactly what happened and helping to improve your future performance.


Download game replay pc. NVIDIA ShadowPlay


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