ERP for Pest Control Company


PROWESS® Pest ’ comes with robust functionality, flexibility and scalability sets us apart from other solutions. It is truly the software, built specifically for pest control operators, that you will never outgrow. has everything you need to deliver a excellent service to your customers. Our pest control software offers easily accessible tools for your customers so they can be in control, which what they want and also a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Leverage our technology to help you conveniently serve your customers.

It Serves small-to-medium businesses and enterprise-level pest control businesses need to run day-to-day operations, generate more leads, close more sales and keep more customers (what we call the full ‘end-to-end’ solution). PROWESS® Pest levels the playing field for everyone by enabling the same experience to all companies through providing features and functionality that are useful for all. PROWESS® Pest is built for scale to help companies function in their current state and grow as business needs evolve and become more sophisticated. PROWESS® Pest supports the full spectrum of small businesses to the most sophisticated, enterprise-level businesses. Used by over 70 of the Top 100 pest control companies, there’s a reason PROWESS® Pest is the solution of choice for market-leading PMPs.

It also gives all the VAT based reports to audit and process your VAT Amounts in addition to the advanced financial reports

Improve collaboration.

Another result of readily accessible data and company-spanning information is better collaboration. Prowess ERP platform simplifies the collaboration process among teams and employees by giving them on-demand access to data across units in the organization.

Improve visibility.

The unified and centralized functional structure of Prowess ERP applications provides transparency and visibility into your business. An example is monitoring the status of your inventory levels even on a daily basis, letting you know current and incoming inventories, so you can precisely manage your working capital.

Improve supply chain management.

Prowess ERP platform can boost your supply chain, making it more responsive through better demand forecasting, enhanced inventory management, efficient procurement, among others. A well-managed supply chain opens opportunities for manufacturing innovations and helps reduce costs.

Reduce time and effort.

Prowess ERP software automates tasks and processes thereby greatly reducing time, effort and resources spent on daily, repetitive manual activities. This frees up employee time to focus on other revenue enhancing tasks. Furthermore, ERP promotes the adoption of industry best practices on company-wide level to further bolster productivity.

Manufacturing visibility.

Users get a clear picture of the manufacturing process to ensure that any production is implemented within the projected costs and schedule, inventory levels are adequate, and materials to be used are readily available.

Extensive features list.

The platform provides an extensive line up of features to manage processes for accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory, sales, and other business functions