• Next Generation Dashboard for top management?
  • Unlimited Levels of Security for masters & transactions?
  • User-wise Audit Trail for all masters & transactions?
  • Go Live in 30 Days?
  • Inbuilt Report Writer to create my own reports?
  • Inbuilt Business Intelligence tools in masters and transactions?
  • Create and save my own queries for frequent use?
  • Local Training, implementation and Helpdesk support?

This will track any, and all, changes made to ERP Software, and report on (eg) who did them, when they did them and what they did. This gives you the ability to go back to any transaction and view any changes

Complete details as required, to keep an accurate and extensive stock management database, even down to creating your own customisable fields and drop downs. Fully drillable allowing you to retrieve any information on a product down to an amazing detail level.

Complete list of accounts required for any business. This list can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. In addition, you can start from scratch with your own set of accounts, or simply merge together a combination of both.

The ERP Software range of inventory management options is enormous, including tracking multiple bins, racks and levels. All options can be shown in the one screen, or any number of reports and lists run, which will give you an instant understanding of where your stock is at any time.

Prints location of stock within the warehouse by Rack number and Bin Location. You can also print all unprinted picking slips with one button, or each individual Picking Slip, as the need arises.

ERP Software has the ability to set a full pricing matrix. This area is completely customisable, so rather than just calling the sections Colour, Size and Shape you can give this area any label you choose.

Also called Cost Centres. Allows for breaking down of each individual transaction into different cost centres. Great for doing Profit and Loss reports by departments etc. to track individual sections within your company to see how they are performing.

ERP Software will automatically track stock levels, changes and updates across multiple stores. These updates can be run real time or any set period you choose i.e. every hour, twice a day, end of day or even once a week. ERP Softwarewill allow you to order stock for individual stores or bulk order for all.

Allows selling and purchasing from Foreign Countries. Fixed foreign currency values per supplier can be set, as well as auto loading of a currency adjustment values when payment is made. Products can also be pre-assigned with a supplier who has a fixed dollar amounts in the supplier’s currency, which auto loads and adjusts the current currency amount by the foreign amount. Assign expenses and import costs directly to an item so that a full landed cost of the product is known including freight, customs and import duties.

Run multiple warehouses in ERP Software, including what level of stock is in each. Do instant reports, on what is where, and what is selling from any location. Sales people can see at a glance where stock can be easily located. ERP Software will allow you to order stock for individual warehouses, or bulk order for all. Prices can be varied by percentage or dollar value per warehouse allowing different pricing levels per location.

Full control of Budgets by Department or Account. You can also create multiple budgets or consolidated budgets. View a list of all the budgets created to easily monitor each and every budget set.

Keeps a complete record of any stock transfers between warehouses, stores etc. will even track who did what transfer, and at what time they did it.

jobs are either customer based, like projects, quotes etc or product based like manufacturing a product or building stock.

Will track all stock automatically as batch numbers, so that the oldest stock can be easily identified. Great for identifying which customer has brought a certain range, of a certain product, from a certain supplier. Useful for carpets, chemicals, or perishable items.

Create templates for product jobs or make one off entries on the flyas the Manufacturing module within ERP Software is live in all areas, including product cost updating. As the cost (and sell) on any product, item or service used in the manufacture process is changed, the unit, bill of materials, and manufacture process is also updated with this change. This ensures accurate data at all times.

Full serial number tracking is available from each individual item as it’s built or can be added upon completion. You can also create you own serial numbers.

Each job or project can be its own profit centre. With costs and income tracked, or you can combine a group of jobs and track them as a total.